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College-in-High School/Dual Enrollment
Students are now eligible to take dual enrollment classes through either Mount Aloysius, Saint Francis and Penn Highlands Community College while sitting in their high school courses. The program is referred to as College-in-High School. Through agreements between the high school and colleges, students can gain college credit for courses taught here. 

Teachers submit an application and other documentation for review by the colleges. If the colleges approve the course for their college-in-high school program, students can register to take the course for credit at a discounted tuition rate. 

Currently we have the following courses approved: 

Calculus - Saint Francis 
Physics - Mount Aloysius and Saint Francis 
Probability & Statistics - Mount Aloysius and Saint Francis 
Anatomy & Physiology - Mount Aloysius and Saint Francis, Penn Highlands 
Civil War Studies - Mount Aloysius 
Advanced Math/Trig - Mount Aloysius and Saint Francis
Advanced Biology - Penn Highlands, Mount Aloysius
Adv. American History I  - Penn Highlands
Adv. American History II - Penn Highlands

Students along with their parents decide which college they would like to earn credit from. It is the responsibility of the parents and students to contact the college/university the student plans to apply to determine if and how the credits will be accepted. NOTE: To receive credit from Mount Aloysius, a student must be in grades 10-12 at the time of enrollment in the course.

If you have questions or would like further information, click the picture below to contact us.

College-in-High School Mount Aloysius Transcripts 
In order to transfer Mount Aloysius Dual Enrollment credits, you will need to request a transcript from Mount Aloysius. Go to to request a transcript be sent to the college of your choice.

College-in-High School Saint Francis Dual Enrollment Transcripts 
For students who participated in the Saint Francis Dual Enrollment Program:  
If you need to request an official transcript from Saint Francis University, they can do so online at or by contacting the Registrar's Office directly at 814-472-3009. Saint Francis does charge a fee per transcript.
IUP Dual Enrollment 
Interested juniors and seniors can take college courses from IUP. For more information, go to or see Mrs. Lambie.