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Resources for Parents and Students

NEW - added 5/18/2020
This provides variety of resources to help your student-athlete.  Great for coaches too.
Financial Aid Night 

PHEAA continues to receive great interest in Financial Aid Webinars - as a result, we will be offering additional webinars in May on the following dates from 6-7 pm: May 21.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Agency (PHEAA) will be providing an overview of how to apply for all types of financial aid, including completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is required to determine eligibility for most student aid programs such as the Pennsylvania State Grant, Federal Pell Grant, institutional offers, and federal student and parent loans. This will also be a great opportunity to have PHEAA representatives answer questions you may have.

Click Here to register for the May 21 webinar from 6-7 pm
COVID-19 Time Capsule:  This is an activity that you can do as a family to create your own time capsule and to sort out your feelings about what is happening now.  
Wellness Site:  This site has resources for parents and teens. It also has downloadable workbooks on a variety of teen mental health concerns.   Some topics include:  Stress Reduction/Anxiety/Relaxation/Mindfulness; Executive Functioning; Grief; Trauma/PTSD; Self-Esteem; Anger; Insomnia; Relationships; Body Image; Depression; Coping Tools
Center For Disease Control (CDC) Information concerning COVID-19 & Your Mental Health
Mental Health America
This site has free downloads for personal use on a variety of topics.
Move This World:
This company is offering free access to their Move This World SEL videos and breathing exercises  Here are the links.  You will be asked to sign up for access.
Wide Open School:
This site provides age appropriate videos, field trips and activities for a variety of subjects.
Armstrong Indiana Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission:
They are offering social media supports through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They also have some videos resources on their YouTube channel.  You can find them at...
Facebook:  @mydrugfreecommunity
Twitter:  PreventionStaff
Instagram:  aicdac
Youtube:  @PreventionStaff
For families who may be struggling.  This site can provide you with contact information to a number of social service agencies near by.  Once the site opens, type in your zip code.  It will direct you to a menu of options for help be it food, money, child care...
Financial Help for the College Deposits
Mrs. Lambie received this via email.  If you need assistance, please let Mrs. Lambie know.  She will help with the form.
"This form allows a student to request that their enrollment fee be waived due to financial circumstances.  Enrollment deposits can be $200, $400, $600 or even higher, and restricts access for low-income students in many ways. I'm part of the committee that has been working on this form for 2+ years, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you.  You don't need to be a NACAC member to use it - everyone can use it.
That said, every college can create their own policies on whether or not they will accept it.  My hope is that each college will carefully consider their policies and not make it harder for low-income students to enroll.
"If you have any students making their final decisions and can't come up with the money for the deposit, please work with them to submit this form ASAP (I wouldn't wait until the deadline, by the way)."

Family/Educator Resources


Social-Emotional Support for Students

Social Stories

  • The Yucky Bug - Link
  • My Coronavirus Story - Easterseals - Link 
  • Time to Come In, Bear: A Children’s Story about Social Distancing - Link
  • YouTube Channel with various social stories - Link
  • The New Rules of Keeping My Body in the Group and Out of the Group
  • The Rules of Wearing a Mask
  • Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules for Learning Online!
  • When My Parents are Working From Home
  • My Home is My School
  • Video Chatting - A New Way to Communicate Link
  • Social story to describe video chatting, related emotions, and conversation starters


Social-Emotional Learning

  • Social Thinking – Free Stuff to Use and Home and School - Link
  • Free resources on social skills and how to teach them!
  • Read Aloud Books and Thinksheets
  • Video Lessons
  • Free Articles
  • Free Webinars and Aha! Moments to Teach or Core Concepts and Products
  • New added resources each week!


  • Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum - Link
  • Free social-emotional learning resources for mental health professionals, educators, and parents to support skill-building for themselves and/or students


Coping – Parent and Staff Guides

  • Large-Scale Natural Disasters: Helping Children Cope - Link
  • Handout – How to support children


  • Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019


  • Age-Related Reactions to a Traumatic Event - Link
  • Supporting Children During Coronavirus (COVID19) - Link
  • Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Community Organizations and Leaders - Link
  • Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Youth High School and College Age - Link
  • Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Parents - Link 
  • Pandemic Flu Fact Sheet: A Parents’ Guide to Helping Families Cope with a Pandemic Flu
  • Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19
  • Anxiety: Helping Handout for School and Home - Link
  • Depression: Helping Handout for Home - Link
  • Sleep Problems: Helping Handout for Home - Link
  • Addressing Grief - Link
  • Brief Facts and Tips, and Related Resources
  • Grief: Helping Handout for School and Home - Link


Healing After Disasters

  • PFA: Parent Tips for Helping Adolescents after Disasters - Link
  • PFA: Parent Tips for Helping Infants and Toddlers after Disasters - Link
  • PFA: Parent Tips for Helping Preschool-Age Children after Disasters - Link
  • PFA: Parent Tips for Helping School-Age Children after Disasters - Link
  • After a Crisis: Helping Young Children Heal - Link


Educational Activities and Supports


Lessons/ Activities

  • My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule - Link
  • Printable activity book for kids!
  • Simple Activities for Children and Adolescents - Link
  • Seesaw – Remote Learning - Link
  • Trainings/PD and Resources
  • BrainPOP – Remote Learning - Link
  • Lessons and Activities for various subjects
  • Epic! - Remote Learning Link
  • Parent and educator access
  • Books, learning videos, quizzes and more


Teaching Students about Coronavirus – Videos and Fact Sheets

  • Coronavirus Outbreak: How to protect yourself – Kids Learning Cartoon – Dr. Panda Tototime - Link
  • What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus Outbreak  - The Dr. Binocs Show – Peekaboo Kidz Link
  • Talking to Children About Coronavirus: A Parent Resource
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Amharic, Chinese, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Bahasa, and Udu available on:


Parent/Guardian Distance Learning Supports

  • Parent Guide – Creating a Home Learning Environment (Handout) - Link
  • Daily Schedule (Blank, Printable) - Link
  • Engagement and Motivation: Helping Handout for Home - Link
  • Using Praise and Rewards Wisely: Helping Handout for School and Home - Link


Self-Care for Adults

  • Free Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty – Psychology Tools (Adults) - Link
  • Offered in many languages!
  • Self-Care: Dangers of “motivational” pressure - Link
  • Staff Resources - Link
  • Self-Care Strategies, Meditation and Mindfulness, Free Exercise Opportunities, Arts and Entertainment, and Free Educational Opportunities!
  • Teacher Survival Tips – Dealing with Physical Distancing (Short Handout) - Link
  • Care For Your Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit - Link
  • Online toolkit/website with information and activities (e.g., meditations) to address anxiety
  • That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief  –  Harvard Business Review Article Link
  • Teacher Newsletter - Link
  • Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety (for you, students, or parents)
  • Talking about COVID-19 With Students
  • Examples of Child-Friendly Language You Can Use about COVID-19
  • FACE COVID – How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis (e-book) - Link
  • Wellness: 6 tips for taking care of yourself during this stressful time - Link
  • Taking Care of Yourself - Link
  • Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis: The Importance of Care for Caregivers – Tips for Administrators and Crisis Teams - Link


  • Care for Caregivers: Tips for Families and Educators - Link


  • Support for Teachers Affected by Trauma (STAT) Training Program Link
  • Geared toward pre-k through 12th grade teachers
  • Five online modules that explore the concepts of secondary trauma, risk factors associated with susceptibility to STS, the impact of STS across multiple life domains, and tangible self-care skills.
  • Self-paced training


Distance Learning Supports (Teachers/Staff)

  • Learning and Teaching Online and From Home - Link
  • Expert advice, tips, and resources from Connections Academy online school educators
  • Using Praise and Rewards Wisely: Helping Handout for School and Home - Link
  • Anxiety: Helping Handout for School and Home - Link
  • Grief: Helping Handout for School and Home - Link
  • Seesaw – Remote Learning - Link
  • Trainings/PD and Resources
  • BrainPOP – Remote Learning - Link
  • Lessons and Activities for various subjects



Addressing Harassment and Bullying

  • US Department of Education - Link
  • Letter and resources to address stereotyping, harassment and bullying
  • Countering Coronavirus Stigma and Racism: Tips for Teacher and Other Educators - Link
  • Countering Coronavirus Stigma and Racism: Tips for Parent and Caregivers


Crisis Supports


  • Comprehensive School Suicide Prevention in a Time of Distance Learning - Link


  • Preventing Youth Suicide: Tips for Parents and Educators


  • Suicidal Thinking and Threats: Helping Handout for Home - Link


Emergency Management and Response

  • Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) - Link
  • Guidance, resources, tools, and training


  • The PREPaRE Model, Crisis Intervention, and Global Pandemic