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Purchase Line Jr/Sr High School

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Jessica Subich » Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences!

Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences!

The required courses in Family and Consumer Sciences are FCS 8, a 9-week rotation course, and FCS Exploration, a semester course. Electives include Nutrition & Food Science and Relationships & Family Living (which are both full year courses) and Cooking Strategies and Cooking for Special Occasions (which are both semester courses). I also teach Newspaper, a full year course, in which students create our student newspaper, Dragon Tales, and write for the local newspaper, The Indiana Gazette.
Keys to Success in FCS 8 and FCS Exploration:
  • Be present and participate every day with your best effort.
  • Do assignments as they are given to you and ask for help if you need it.
  • Talk to your family about their experiences with the class concepts in their lives.
Keys to Success in Cooking Strategies, Cooking for Special Occasions and Nutrition & Food Science also include:
  • Practice safety and sanitation to avoid foodborne illness and injury.
  • Measure foods accurately and follow the recipe precisely unless directed by the teacher to modify it.
  • Work cooperatively in your group to manage time and tasks wisely during the class period.
Keys to Success in Newspaper:
  • Begin interviewing the most appropriate sources as soon as the article is assigned.
  • Interview sources as close to the event as possible, when applicable.
  • Use class time wisely by working on articles and layout every day in class.
  • Meet your deadlines! Only published work is graded in a student publication.
I attended Seton Hill University in Greensburg for my B.S. degree, then earned my Master of Education degree from St. Francis University while teaching at Purchase Line. I am certified to teach both Family and Consumer Sciences and English.