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Rene Baker » Redo Policy

Redo Policy

Mrs. Baker’s  Redo Policy


  • You may redo any graded assignment for ½ credit.
  • Preference should be given to graded assignments (HW for Understanding) with failing scores        (below 7/10 or 11/15).
  • You can also redo assignments that you didn’t do (received a zero).
  • Redo any missed problems on a separate sheet of paper.
  • It will not be accepted if completed within the original assignment.
  • Redo must be stapled to the front of the original assignment.
  • It will not be accepted without the original assignment.
  • You are encouraged to seek help with any problems that you may have missed. Anything that shows up on homework assignments is fair game for a test or quiz.
  • All redos/late work is due at the end of the chapter. Work will not be accepted after the chapter test.