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Danielle Rishell » English 12

English 12

Miss Rishell      English 12

Classroom Procedures and Information

Hello! My name is Miss Rishell and I am very excited to have you in class this year. I enjoy having a good time in my classroom, but I have to let you know from the beginning that learning is my number one priority! If you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn, this year should go smoothly. I only have your best interests in mind, so please work with me and not against me.

Classroom Expectations

  • RESPECT: yourself, others, Miss Rishell, and the resources and time you are given.
  • TRY: if you’re not willing to try, you’ll never grow. We aren’t quitters in my classroom!
  • BE RESPONSIBLE: have your materials, be on time, keep all personal technology in your backpack or pocket (including headphones).

If you are consistently disruptive and/or disrespectful, you will get any or all of the following: 

a warning, depending on the severity of the behavior, a call home, and/or a discipline referral


  • A binder or folder specifically for English that you will keep all graded work in
  • A pen or pencil every day
  • A book cover for your textbook
  • Begin working quietly on the Bell Ringer at the beginning of class
  • Only use the laptops when directed, and according to the tech use policy of the school
  • A positive attitude!

Late Work/Absence Policy

It is important for you to practice meeting deadlines and turning things in the day they are due. For every day the assignment is late, I will deduct 10% of the total score. Assignments worth 5 points or less will not be accepted late. For example:

100 pt project 2 days late = your earned grade minus 20 points

20 pt assignment 3 days late = your earned grade minus 6 points

5 pt homework turned in 5 mins after I checked it = 0 points

If you are absent, YOU are responsible for getting the work you missed by seeing Miss Rishell during homeroom period or checking the folders by the windows for the correct date. District policy for absent work make-up will be followed. If I handed anything back while you were out, it will be in your period’s folder.

“It’s not perfect yet!” Passes

Once per quarter, students will have the opportunity to use their red pass to turn in projects or writings ONE day late. This pass will not be valid on homework assignments; if unused at the end of the quarter, it can be submitted for five bonus points.


If you are late to class, you will sign and date the tardy sheet by the door. If you are late three times, you will be given an after-school detention.


If I don’t know what’s wrong, I can’t help you! Tell me if you need an assignment, clarification of a task or skill, or are uncomfortable with something in the class. A responsible student asks for what they need.